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Point Of Sales

Retail POS Software

POS is a complete solution for a retail business with a user-friendly interface and unique features like Multi payment Options, Alteration, Message Alerts, Salesman Commission and related significant features.

  • Easy & Fast Billing with Barcoding system
  • Item wise billing
  • Customer history with total amount & Product wise
  • Bill Finish Minimum Enter Key
  • Salesman selection at the time of billing, as per parameter
  • Locking facility on rate discount if required
  • Multi Discount Master (Fixed Rate, Brand / Product % Wise for Sales period)
  • Sales / Return / Credit Note (All in single window)
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Approval memo convert to Sales bill
  • Item wise / bill wise discount facility
Retail POS Software
Retail Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management

Retail Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a powerful tool that helps every business enterprise to manage their products smoothly in the current period. It will help every business enterprise to get ahead with complete paperless procurement and easy to manage current business needs.

  • Serial unique, Multi, Company Barcode (EAN) Option
  • Daily / Monthly Sales & Stock Register & Report analysis
  • Barcode / Design / Color / Size wise Management
  • Inward Challan, Inward Return
  • Stock Valuation Reports & Vendor Analysis
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Audit 
  • Stock Damage & Loss
  • Track inventory on hand at Multiple warehouse
  • Monthly / Yearly Stock Comparison
  • Stock ageing, Moving / Non Moving with Graph
  • Stock Level Management (Minimum / Maximum)
  • Stock Ratio

Financial Accounting

Retail Business Financial Accounting Software

G-Soft provides Financial Accounting feature with many types of reports that need to be tracked, checked and managed in retail shops. It helps to keep a smoother track of all the financial statements like GST report, Final report, Profitability ratio, TDS report, and much more.

  • Account Ledger wise Zooming Report
  • Balance Sheet Group-wise Ledger Reports
  • Cash / Bank Reports, Journal voucher & Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash / Bank Expense
  • Cash Flow with Balance Sheet Group-wise
  • Outstanding management Report (Payable/Receivable)
  • Outstanding bill wise with Stock
  • GST Report (GSTR-1,GSTR-2,GSTR-3B, GSTR-4,GSTR-9) with Govt. Standard Format
  • GSTR-2A Comparison Report  
  • Interest Calculation, TDS, TCS Reports
  • GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, GSTR-4, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, Reports & Summary
  • Depreciation Management
  • Final Reports: Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet with Year Comparison
Retail Business Financial Accounting Software
Chain Store Management Software for Retailers

Chain Store Management

Chain Store Management Software for Retailers

Chain Store Management is the ultimate feature for users so that they can easily manage their multiple stores. It helps in recording data from various branch offices into one system. It also provides features such as collection, analysis, purchase, sales, inventory, etc.

  • Centralize Master Data Management
  • Centralize CRM & Loyalty discount
  • Chain Store & Warehouse Management
  • Multiple Location Stock Inward / Outward
  • Store Distribution (Branch wise Distribution)
  • Branch wise Sales & Stock Analysis Report
  • Auto Data Transfer
  • Centralize Financial Control

Loyalty / Promotion

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty program is one of the types of marketing approaches that can help to engage customers with brands using different techniques likes Points Program, Membership Program, Partner Program, Wallet, Scheme and many more.

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Wise Sales Reports
  • Customer Footfall
  • Card-less / With Card Loyalty Program
  • Multiple Criteria to Assign Membership ID
  • Customer Referral System
  • Appointment & Token
  • Gift Voucher & Discount Card
  • Lucky Draw & Coupon Management
Customer Loyalty Program
Order Management Software for Retailer

Order Management

Order Management Software for Retailer

Order management feature helps in executing securities orders efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide the best features in order management to deliver each & every order fulfillment process report of your business.

  • Purchase Order
  • Sale Order
  • Sales Order Repairing
  • Order Analysis
  • Pending Order Management

Make To Order (Measurement)

Alteration Management

Make to order provides you a business production strategy that allows consumers to purchase products that are customized to their specifications. We understand the needs of the customer in your business. For that, we have the best solution to manage the production approach and manage all the data as well.

  • Karigar Management
  • Order Advance
  • Trial / Delivery Alert
  • Customer Measurement with Image
  • Process wise labour rate
  • Make to Order Management System
  • Tailoring Bill & Delivery Module
  • Customer wise Ledger & O/S Report
Make to Order
Alteration Management

Alteration Management

Alteration Management

Alteration Management contains information regarding alteration and manages its details against sales when products come for alteration. It contains information like bill number, Barcode, date, customer name, item, design number, normal measurement and many more.

  • Against Bill / Manual Karigar Issue / Receipt
  • Delivery Management
  • Trail / Delivery Alert
  • Karigar Labour Rate
  • Alteration Report

Repairing Management

Repairing Management

Repairing Management contains information regarding damaged products that are given for repair after a few days of purchase. It contains information like customer receipts, repairing issues, etc.

  • Customer Receipt
  • Repairing Issue / Receipt
  • Customer Delivery
Repairing Management
Jobwork Management

Jobwork Management

Jobwork Management

G-Soft provides a single process production module that can help to maintain fabric to ready products procedure with purchase cost-rate and karigar account management.

  • Single Process Job work Management
  • Fabric Management
  • Karigar Account Management
  • Barcode wise Job work Issue / Receipt
  • Job work Invoice

Reports & Analysis

Reports & Analysis Module for Retailer

G-soft gives detailed reports to your business, so you can do in-depth analysis of your business performance. You can see your stock in graphical presentations, check the comparison of products which are fast-moving or slow-moving, analyze non-moving products, compare sales with automatically generated graphs and so on.

  • Quick & Easy Way to create Dynamic Reports as per User
  • Graphical Reports for Sales & Stock with Sorting & Filteration Facility
  • Sales & Purchase Report & Register
  • Fast Tracing System for Dead Stock
  • Sales & Stock Report with Ageing and Yearly / Monthly Comparison with Timewise
  • Salesman Performance Reports
  • Sales & Stock Analysis with Stock Ratio Timewise
  • Stock Audit Report
  • Sales Profit Report
  • Job Status Reports
  • User Activity Report
  • SIS Report
  • Customer Loyalty Report & Footfall Report
  • Customer Feedback Report
  • Account Audit Report
  • Sales & Purchase Comparison Report
  • Order Reports
  • HO, Branch & Franchise wise Report and Many More…
Reports & Analysis Module for Retailer
Shop in Shop Module for Retailer

SIS (Shop in Shop)

Shop in Shop Module for Retailer

Shop In Shop module is used for selling a large number of stocks and variations of the product. This will help retailers to easily manage a variety of products.

  • Auto Mail System for Stock & Sales
  • Date & Discount wise Report
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Invoicing of multi Branch
  • Date wise Report
  • Branch, Brand, Item, Salesperson wise Report
  • Easy management of inventory

Salesman Module

Salesman Module Report

Salesman Module reports every employee profile which can help you to identify the number of items or products sold by each employee and get other detailed information. It can help you to manage each and every employee's working hours, staffing level, and track their sales performance on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Multiple Type of Salesman Commission Setup
  • Salesman Target System (Year, Monthly)
  • Stock Ageing Commission Define with Filtration
  • Helper wise Management with Attendance
Salesman Module Report
Payroll Management Software for Retailer

Payroll Management

Payroll Management Software for Retailer

Payroll Management is one of the softwares that calculat employee data like Attendance, Salary, Bonus, Leaves, incentives, loans, EMI, etc.

  • Attendance Management
  • Salary Payment
  • Loans & Advances
  • Attendance Report
  • Leave Management
  • Travel Management
  • Bio Time Integration
  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • Overtime Management
  • PF / ESIC management
  • Employee Rating

Image Catalogue

Image Catalogue

Image Catalogue feature is use to identify every product through image. Weight Range / Sub Item / Vendor wise filter, Convert selected product detail with images in PDF / Excel Format.

  • Search Barcode item / Design-wise Image
  • Send image catalogue through Whatsapp
  • Maintain Stock through Image catalogue
  • Party wise Image Selection
Image Catalogue
Administration & Security

Administration & Security

Administration & Security

Multiple user login option is available in administration and password protected with different levels of users. More than one backup options are available such as Cloud backup option, Web backup option, Auto schedule data backup, etc. Here, Admin also provides rights to the employee according to their job work.

  • Password-protected user access
  • Multiple users with Menu / Operation wise Rights
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights
  • Data Security with Self Backup & Cloud Backup



Utility feature helps to enhance the management of a business and is also needful for other angles of the retail business.

  • Barcode, Check, Envelope / Label Printing
  • Barcode search from multi-selection option
  • Item / Design-wise Photo Image
  • Multi Sale bill open any time
  • Date Wise Voucher no Re-Generate
  • Physical Stock Verification anytime
  • Modification & Audit Report
  • Define Barcode & Article Wise Sales Discount & Commission
  • Auto Database Backup & Cloud backup option
  • Stock Information must be changed after generating Stock from Rate Updation
  • Account, Item, Design, Color Merge Option
  • Data Lock Facility
  • Credit Criteria Management
  • Barcode Merge
  • Courier / Parcel Entry
SMS Module

SMS / E-Mail / Bulk Messenger Module

SMS Module

We provide the best business monitoring tool to send business information using SMS and E-Mail. This module helps to create the best relationship with your suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • Appointment & Customer Token SMS
  • Sales Voucher To Customer / Owner
  • Outstanding Reminder
  • Month wise sales SMS 
  • Backup SMS to Owner
  • Transaction Schedule SMS to the owner
  • Auto absent SMS to Employee
  • Approval issue over credit days
  • Time-wise sales SMS
  • Auto SMS
  • Online SMS Schedule
  • Promotional SMS
  • Transaction SMS
  • Utilities
  • Business SMS
  • Security SMS
  • Payroll SMS

Mobile App

Retail Software Mobile Applications

You can maintain or operate your business's real-time data like reports, image capture & catalogue, customer entry, feedback, etc. Operate your business information anywhere at any time.

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Customer Token
  • Counter Slip System
  • Mobile Billing
  • Stock Audit
  • Cash / Bank Entry
  • Salesman wise Sales Report
  • Sales & Stock Reports & Summary
  • Outstanding Report
  • Customer Profile & Feedback
  • Image Capture / Catalogue
  • Cash / Bank Reports
Retail Software Mobile Applications

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