Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

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Sales Management

Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Sales Management functionality is used to track or maintain the sales process and day to day activities. It also works on sales order fulfilling, create shipments, price tracking, checking the availability of stock and apply discount offer and many more.

  • Wholesale Bill & Credit Note
  • Size & Barcode wise Sales Entry
  • Multi Types of Discount
  • Box Wise Inventory & Packing Slip Management
  • Easily Order Taking & Fulfillment For Salesforce
  • Agent Management
  • Credit Limit with Alert & Locking
  • Auto Margin wise Billing
  • Maintain Account & Shipping Address
  • Delivery Challan pick up facility in Wholesale Bill
  • Easily Track Pending Delivery challan to Convert into Wholesale Bill
  • Manage E-Invoice Setup
Wholesale Distribution ERP Software
Wholesale sales management software

Inventory Management

Wholesale sales management software

Inventory Management is designed to manage and track data. So, we can quickly understand customer needs and deliver them accurate items as per the requirement.

  • Inventory Valuation on the basis of First in First Out
  • Daily / Monthly Sales & Stock Register & Report analysis
  • Barcode / Design / Color / Size wise Management
  • Multiple Rate Setting
  • Inward Challan, Inward Return
  • Stock Valuation Reports & Vendor Analysis
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Audit
  • Stock Damage & Loss
  • Fresh & Defective Stock Management
  • Track inventory on hand at Multiple warehouse
  • Monthly / Yearly Stock Comparison
  • Stock ageing, Moving, Non Moving with Graph
  • Stock Level Management (Minimum / Maximum)
  • Stock Ratio

Order / Dispatch Order Management

Dispatch Order Management software for Wholesaler

Order Management System is used to track your Order & Inventory, maintain sales and purchase orders, send delivery updates, account, create packages and shipments, all the data on a single platform. 

  • Design / Color / Size wise Order Management
  • Season wise Management
  • Manage Order Image
  • Pending Order Management
  • Order Cancel
  • Physically, E-Commerce & Application based Ordering System
  • Company Barcode wise Order Management
  • Fresh / Defective Order Management
  • Design / Party wise Inventory Allocation System against Order
  • Priority wise Dispatch Allocation System
  • Dispatched Stock Verification Facility with D.O.
  • D.O. Approval Facility (Admin Side)
  • Supplier wise Order Management
  • Minimum Maximum Stock Management with P.O.
Dispatch Order Management software for Wholesaler
Wholesale Financial Accounting Software

Financial Accounting

Wholesale Financial Accounting Software

Financial Accounting feature generates many reports that need to be tracked, checked and managed in the Wholesale Department. It helps to keep a smoother track of all the financial statements like GST report, Final report, profitability ratio, TDS report and many more.

  • Account Ledger wise Zooming Report
  • Balance Sheet Group-wise Ledger Reports
  • Cash / Bank Reports, JV & Bank Reconciliation (Remove Ledger)
  • Cash/ Bank Expense
  • Cash Flow with Balance Sheet Group-wise
  • Outstanding management Report (Payable / Receivable)
  • Outstanding Alert & Locking System
  • Outstanding Bill wise & Due Date, Days, Area, City, Agent wise
  • Agent Commission Management with Party Payment
  • Manage Post Dated Cheque
  • Outstanding bill wise with Stock
  • GST Report (GSTR-1,GSTR-2,GSTR-3B, GSTR-4,GSTR-9) with Govt. Standard Format
  • GSTR-2A Comparison Report
  • Interest Calculation, TDS, TCS Reports
  • Depreciation Management
  • Final Reports: Trial Balance, P&L & Balance Sheet with Year Comparison

Customer Relationship Management

CRM software for Wholesaler

CRM module helps to manage the connection between your business and your clients using different customer loyalty programs and other promotional tools like coupon master, Gift voucher, Discount Master and Promo master. This program is a powerful tool for offering your client excellent services.

  • Party + Brand + Product-wise Margin setup
  • Party + Brand + Product-wise Discount setup
  • CRM can Improve Profitability
CRM software for Wholesaler
Administration & Security for Wholesaler

Administration & Security

Administration & Security for Wholesaler

Multiple user login option is available with password protected with different levels of users. More than one backup options are available on the Cloud backup option, Web backup option, Auto schedule data backup, etc. Here Admin provides rights to the employee according to their job work.

  • Password protected user access
  • Multiple users with Menu / Operation wise Rights
  • Fully User-defined Access Rights
  • Data Security with Self Backup & Cloud Backup

Reports & Analysis

Gsoft Wholesale Reports & Analysis

G-Soft gives Stock & sales, Sales yearly / monthly with graphical reporting and analysis so that you can analyze sales reports according to a specific time period for a specific customer or specific product category. You can see reports in different forms like graphically, pivot, graph with dashboard, etc.

  • Quick & easy way to create Dynamic Reports as per User
  • Graphical Reports for Sales & Stock with Sorting & Filtration Facility
  • Sales & Purchase Report & Register
  • Fast Tracing System for Dead Stock
  • Sales & stock Report with Aging and Yearly/Monthly Comparison (Timewise)
  • Salesman Performance Reports
  • Sales & Stock Analysis with Stock Ratio (Timewise)
  • Stock Audit Report
  • Sales Profit Report
  • Job Status Reports
  • User Activity Report
  • SIS Report
  • Customer Feedback Report
  • Account Audit Report
  • Sales & Purchase Comparison Report
  • Multi Types of Order Reports
  • HO, Branch & Franchise wise Report
  • Agent wise Report
Gsoft Wholesale Reports & Analysis
Order Booking App for Distributor

Order Booking Application

Order Booking App for Distributor

G-Soft provides an online order booking system in the wholesale industry. So buyers can view and access the specific price, promo and product detail. They also browse an image catalogue that includes the stock availability of your entire product. The main benefit of using an order booking system is that buyers can order the product on their own time without any interaction.

  • Salesman wise & E-Commerce based Application
  • Current & Existing Stock wise Order gathering
  • Design/Color/Season wise Order Booking with Available Stock
  • Quick Order & Quick Dispatch

LR / Courier / E-Way Bill / Parcel Management

Gsoft Wholesale LR report

LR Report is important for both retailer and wholesaler to capture the transportation details and post or deliver the delivery slip to the receiver for collecting the transportation product.

  • E-Way Bill
  • Pending LR Management
  • Auto LR Update in Bill
  • Parcel/Courier Management
  • Courier Entry
  • LR Transport Entry
  • Parcel Entry
Gsoft Wholesale LR report
Sample management for DIstributor

Sample Management

Sample management for DIstributor

Sample Management module allows you to manage every single detail of the sample product of manufacture. Software works with you to store all the data of item, from designing to sell a product to the customers. It manages complete details from generating a purchase order to deliver the products. Check the premium features of sample management.

  • Salesman wise Sample Management
  • Sample against Order Management
  • Sample To Job Production (Job Production)
  • Sample Issue
  • Sample Receipt
  • Manage order cycle
  • Sample order issue
  • Job production

Outstanding Management & Analysis

Gsoft Outstanding Management & Analysis for wholesaler

Outstanding Management is the main source to manage a wholesale business. G-soft extreme ERP comes with its feature of Outstanding Management and Analysis module, which allows to manage data from Bill to Bill and ends at management through advanced features like manage creditors and debtors details, Dues, Alerts and many more.

  • Alerts for Outstanding
  • Time Period wise Analysis
  • Manage Bill to Bill Outstanding
  • Manage outstanding payable/receivable
  • SMS alerts for Dues
  • Analysis of Dues & Payments
  • Category wise management & Analysis
Gsoft Outstanding Management & Analysis for wholesaler
Shop in Shop module for Wholesaler

SIS (Shop In Shop)

Shop in Shop module for Wholesaler

Shop in Shop concept is used to share Stock / Sale reports to a particular supplier/brand. This can be automatically set by the software at a particular time period.

  • Manage multiple shops
  • Easy billing and simple purchasing entry
  • Fully integrated with inventory management
  • Analyze fast-moving and slow-moving product
  • Analyze and Report which Branch, Brand, Item and Salesperson are giving more business
  • Return to store and Refund Policy

Margin Management

Gsoft Wholesale Margin Management

The wholesaler is the mediator between the Retailer and the Manufacturer that manages the product. Using this feature, rates for different products & different parties can be maintained. Margin management is the system to minimize the cost of running a business to maximize profit. This feature helps to create an easy ordering process, split and handle packaging, etc.

  • Party wise Multi-Rate setup
  • Party Wise Margin Facility
  • Branding Wise Margin
  • Manage Item Wise Margin
Gsoft Wholesale Margin Management

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